These short-term programs will add great value to your professional experience.  

  • Clinical Simulation Scenarios: Prepare with certified doctors in Simulation and practice in the most complete Simulated Hospital in Costa Rica. You can choose between these clinical specialties:  
  • Pediatrics, OBG, Internal Medicine, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Blood Sample Collection and Fundus Examination. 
  • Industrial and Clinical Pharmacy Workshops: Explore different types of drugs and medications in our pharmaceutical analysis center and laboratories, learn about Pharmacognosy, and join us on a visit to a pharmaceutical company to see how medications are produced for national and export use and also visit a Clinical Pharmacy in Costa Rica. 
  • Foundations for Entrepreneurship in Nutrition: In this short program, students and professionals in Nutrition will be able to successfully launch their own ventures, including real-life testimonials and tours of ventures founded by alumni of the program.  
  • Clinical Practice in Physiotherapy: It takes place in our own Physiotherapy Clinic under the supervision of our instructors. It includes observational visits to public and private centers specialized in different approaches to physiotherapy (hospitals, Olympic committees, rehabilitation clinics). 

General information: 

  • Lunch and Coffee Break included. 
  • Guided cultural tour included. Choose one option from the list: 
  • Waterfalls 
  • Musseums 
  • Butterfly Garden 
  • Volcano Tour 
  • Los Quetzales National Park 
  • The courses have a duration of 3 to 5 days and are conducted in person in San José, Costa Rica. 
  • For groups of 5 or more people. 

The University of Medical Sciences, UCIMED, offers to undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in an International Exchange, during one or two semesters, to take one or several courses from the curriculum, as academically aligned with the partner university. 

Students all over the world must complete the requirements for each program, including Spanish proficiency. 

For more information, fill out the form and our International staff will be contacting you as soon as possible. 

Please, leave your information and out international staff will be contacting you as soon as possible

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