Our Medical Sciences Research Institute is a Contract Administration Organization (OAC) that carries out biomedical research with the greatest efficiency, adhering to the highest ethical and scientific standards, generating quality information and guaranteeing the safety of people. It offers all the support services required by research sites for the development of biomedical research, such as: 

  • Biomedical Research Training 
  • Design of Research Protocols 
  • Feasibility and Feasibility 
  • Negotiation and Budget Management 
  • Preparation of the Regulatory Submission Package 
  • Home Visit Preparation 
  • Selection and RecruitmentClinical Coordination 
  • Regulatory Monitoring 
  • Document management 
  • Research Product Management 
  • Importation of the Product under Investigation 
  • Destruction of Investigational Product 
  • Handling of Biological Samples 
  • QA 
  • Preparation for Closing Visit 
  • Publication of Results 

The University of Medical Sciences, UCIMED, offers to undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in an International Exchange, during one or two semesters, to take one or several courses from the curriculum, as academically aligned with the partner university. 

Students all over the world must complete the requirements for each program, including Spanish proficiency. 

For more information, fill out the form and our International staff will be contacting you as soon as possible. 

To start an alliance or for more information, please complete the form.

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