Research at UCIMED began in the year 2000 within the core of the Parasitology Department, thanks to the initiative of Dr. Misael Chinchilla. 

The Research Laboratory was inaugurated on 2015, having areas for general work, cell culture, and molecular biology, among others. Over the years, clear lines of research have been followed, highlighting chemical bioprospecting, the description of new species of parasites, epidemiological studies in wildlife and domestic animals, work with cell culture, molecular biology, and nanotechnology. These lines of research aim for increasingly innovative avenues, with the potential to generate products that can be used within and beyond university settings. 

Currently, we have active participation from students in various UCIMED programs in basic research studies. And also, we have over 60 publications in national and international recognized journals. 

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The University of Medical Sciences, UCIMED, offers to undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in an International Exchange, during one or two semesters, to take one or several courses from the curriculum, as academically aligned with the partner university. 

Students all over the world must complete the requirements for each program, including Spanish proficiency. 

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