Internationalization is a bridge that connects cultures, ideas, and opportunities in a globalized world where diversity reigns and collaboration knows no borders. Cultural diversity is more than just a mosaic of customs, languages, and beliefs; it is an endless source of innovation, creativity, and infinite possibilities. Embracing this diversity, internationalizaton gives to every university and school, a strategic advantage in the global arena.

By fostering synergy in diversity, both individuals and organizations can unlock a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and talents, propelling them to new heights of success. It is within this framework that the UCIMED International Affairs Office works for enabling extensive internationalization for the university’s students, graduates, and academic staff, allowing them to achieve their professional goals. 

Currently, UCIMED has over 30 active agreements with universities around the world and international organizations in eigth different countries, enabling Student exchange for rotations and internships, exchange of publications and information, joint research efforts, and involvement of both students and faculty participating in mirror classes, seminars, conferences, and several academic activities. 

Every year, we welcome students from the United States, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, China, Central America and the Caribean who, thanks to our international accreditations, see UCIMED as an opportunity to train as high-quality professionals in Medicine, Microbiology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, and Pharmacy or to complement their career with an international clinical experience in Costa Rica, where health and education are benchmarks at a global level. 

Our own students have also the chance to ad dan International experience adding internationalization to their profesional career, learning immersively about patient care in cultures different from their own, and expanding their horizons in practices and treatments. 

It is our interest that each person in the UCIMED have the opportunity to internationalize their curriculum through unique experiences full of value and learning, and thus also boost innovation and development capacity in the life sciences sector.  

For more information, you can contact us via email at [email protected]. 

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